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August 14, 2017

Weekend in Portland, Maine

If you read my Summer 2017 Bucket List , you remember that one of the trips I wanted to take was to Portland, Maine. Portland is the foundation of my mother’s side of the family, as it is where my grandparents grew up and met one another. We still have a family home there (more about that later). My grandparents passed away back in 2015, and my extended family decided to all get together to bury their ashes in the family cemetery up in Portland last weekend. My grandparents lived well into their 90’s; long and happy lives. It was great to see all of my family and celebrate my grandparents’ legacy. Simultaneously, it was great to be in Portland to do that.

We all gathered for a short ceremony at the family cemetery with my grandparents ashes. Afterwards, we headed to the Victoria Mansion. The Mansion was owned by two families; the Morse family, as well as the Libby family (my mother’s family). In fact, my middle name is Libby.  My great-grandfather actually owned this home, and my grandfather lived there as a very young boy. We got a tour around the house. I wish that I could show you pictures; but no photography was allowed. I could see the family resemblance in all the Libby photos scattered throughout the house. I would love go back and  see the Mansion when it is decorated for Christmas.

(Photo courtesy of www.victoriamansion.org)

Downtown Portland was really cool; we went to a great seafood restaurant. I wish I had more time to explore the cute shops down there.

Another restaurant we went to was Rising Tide in Scarborough, Maine. Rising Tide was a favorite of my grandparents. Set on the water, the restaurant is what you think of when you think of a stereotypical Maine seafood shack. I got to experience my first lobster roll of the summer (quite late, I know), and it was delicious of course! When in Maine. . .

We closed out the weekend by going to Portland Head Light. Based on Instagram pics, I have been itching to visit the lighthouse and finally got my chance! Portland Head Light is on a beautiful property; Fort Williams Park. The Park includes short trails and gorgeous cliff views. The drive to Portland is worth it just to see Portland Head Light!

Have you done any traveling this summer?

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