October 4, 2022

Top Three Things to Look Forward to: October 2022

I can’t believe how fast September flew by! Well now it’s October; the first FULL month of fall, meaning that we are in full-on cozy autumn mode! Read on to see what I am looking forward to most this month!

  1. Apple picking: We plan on traveling up to New Hampshire in a couple of weeks to partake in some ye olde New England apple picking! I grew up going apple picking, and have pretty much gone every year, but with our wedding being in October last year, it just didn’t happen. We are excited to get back into the tradition. Do you have any apple recipes to share?
  2. Weekend of October 21-23: Okay, there are two very important dates on this weekend-a BOGO, if you will. The first is Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, is to be released on October 21! I cannot wait. Swifties, have you been following Taylor divulge her track list on social media? THEN, on October 23rd, Nick and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary!
  3. Halloween: My two favorite holidays are easily Halloween and Christmas! I just love spooky things, but not too scary; I cannot watch a horror movie without overwhelming anxiety. A highly underrated fun Halloween movie, in my opinion, is Double, Double Toil and Trouble (yes, the one from 1993 with the Olsen Twins). It will give any millennial ALL THE NOSTALGIA. Also, Will from “Will and Grace” plays the dad. You’re welcome for the suggestion.

Once again, thank you SO MUCH to @jenneycee for her photography! What are you looking forward to most this month!?!?

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