July 6, 2016

Top Three: July 2016

July Top 3

Due to life circumstances (boss leaving, finding a new roommate, acquiring new housing for September and getting back into the swing of things after my PAO surgery), I have been absent most of June! I wish I could say I was doing away doing something more fun-like a vacation-than dealing with the above, but as my friend recently wrote on my kitchen chalkboard, “without struggle, there is no progress” (this is actually a quote by Frederick Douglas).

I know that we are already a week into July, but here is what I am looking forward to most this month:

  1. Reality TV: Judge all you want; while I was on my medical leave, I became well-acquainted with all of the housewives. I had never watched the OG girls of the OC and finally got myself caught up with the series during my recuperation. My favorite locations are New Jersey, New York City and Orange County. The ladies of New York City and Orange County recently returned, and New Jersey is coming back July 10! Sadly, I do not get Bravo on my current television plan. I decided to invest in a Season Pass for both RHONY and RHOC (and I plan to do so for RHONJ as well)!
  2. Reading List: I plan on delving into some books this summer (blog post to follow as to what is on my list!) and plan to get through as many as possible this month. I have balanced my list with both more serious/soul-searching reads, as well more mindless ones. I recently finished Holly Madison’s new release (a sequel to Down the Rabbit Hole), The Vegas Diaries. After reading The Devil in the White City, I needed something light. In case you were wondering, The Vegas Diaries is good, but falls short to Down the Rabbit Hole.
  3. New pics! Recently, I collaborated with Stephanie Rita for a photo shoot. My last photo shoot was a while ago, and it was time for some fresh looks.  The photo shoot featured some beautiful dresses from Best Dressed Charlestown, which recently won The Improper Bostonian’s Boston’s Best award for Best Party Dresses! I have shared a few photos (like above) via blog and social media, and there are more to come!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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