December 5, 2016

Top Three: December 2016

You might have noticed that I have been very MIA over here recently, in terms of both blogging and social media. I mentioned in one of my posts that things felt stagnant when I was on crutches, but it has been quite the opposite lately! My goal for the last month of 2016 is to dedicate more time to blogging; ironically, the busiest month of the year.

This month, my Top Three revolve around the holidays! Given today was the first snowfall in Boston, I am feeling particularly festive! Here are the Top Three things that I am looking forward to this holiday season!

  1. Holiday treats: I am not much of a cook or baker, but this time of year makes me all the more motivated to get into the kitchen! Clean eating can wait until January (though Blair is always inspiring me with her healthy food Instagram snaps!) We always made cookie-cutter sugar cookies growing up around the holidays, and would be sure to leave them out for Santa on Christmas Eve ;-). One of the items on my list this year? This homemade take on Starbucks cranberry bliss bars.
  2. Holiday parties: I have been invited to a few holiday parties this year (though I am still waiting on an invite for an ugly sweater party-I have an AMAZING authentic ugly sweater, courtesy of my aunt in the 80s), and I am really looking forward to them! As I mentioned, this fall has been a whirlwind (mostly good changes), and my constantly changing schedule means that I don’t get to see many of my friends as often as I used to. The holidays are a great time to catch up with both friends and family. Oh, and I am looking forward to hopefully stopping by Best Dressed Charlestown in their new Southie location prior to one of my holiday events!
  3. Christmas movies/music: In years past, whenever I have lacked in Christmas spirit, listening to a Christmas song or watching a Christmas movie has quickly turned my mood around. My favorite Christmas movies include comedies, (my mom loves “It’s a Wonderful Life” but it is just too sad for me!) like “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” “The Grinch,” (with Jim Carrey) and “Elf.” I also just discovered Leona Lewis’s Christmas album from a few years ago, and am loving her song, “One More Sleep.” I can only listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You” so many times.

What are you looking forward to about the holidays?

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