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August 6, 2023

Mocktail Time with Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails

It’s no secret that mocktails are trending right now. Many restaurants carry a mocktail list on their menu nowadays. Thus, I was so excited to try Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails recently. The company is female-owned, and making waves in the trendy mocktail movement.

Entrepreneurship is in creator and owner Rebecca Styn’s blood, as she founded the Room 33 Speakeasy in Erie, PA. The 2020 pandemic forced her business to pivot and it was from there that Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails was born (from “Our Story” of the Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails website).

I got the Mixed Pack, which consisted of four drinks: Ward 8, Bee Knee’s (I obviously gravitated towards this one!), Southside, and Sidecar. This is a great purchase to start with, as one can sample a variety of Blind Tiger’s offerings. You can also purchase the Variety Pack in the form of slim cans. I absolutely loved the packaging on all of the bottles, as each bottle shares each specific drink’s origin story. As it turns out, Ward 8 was originated right here in Boston!

I loved all four of the beverages that I tried! Did I mention that the ingredients are all-natural and contain no preservatives? My favorite mocktail was the Southside, as it tasted like a minty (but not too much so!) limemade, and just screamed summer (cue “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift). It had the perfect amount of flavor; not too overbearing.

I also loved Bee’s Knees (naturally!). I enjoyed it cold, but I also plan on buying another bottle for the winter time, as I feel that it it could be quite delicious when warmed up in the microwave. The honey and lemon flavor gave me hot toddy vibes.

Another thing that I love about Blind Tiger is its affordability. If you choose to order bottles, you can get multiple drinks from each one. Recently, Blind Tiger launched at Sprouts stores nationally. You can also check them out in this recent TJ Maxx advertisement. Rebecca was kind enough to grant all readers a special discount for all readers-use coupon code “BUSYBEE10” for 10% off your mocktail purchase. I can’t wait to try Blind Tiger’s new creation, the Lavendar French 75. Please let me know your thoughts if you decide to make a purchase!

Thank you to Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails and Rebecca Styn for sponsoring this post, as well as my friend Meghan for connecting us! All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to my sister for her photography assistance.

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