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May 12, 2016

Weekend Escape: Mirbeau Plymouth

I am always inspired by bloggers’ weekend escapes, and it definitely brings out my inner traveler. Almost two years ago, my family stayed at the Mirbeau Inn and Spa in Skaneateles, NY, and I have always wanted to go back. Lucky for us, the Mirbeau now has a location in Plymouth, MA. Life has been a bit stressful lately, as I have been on my crutches for over seven months.  I figured if I ever needed a spa day, it would be now! I prepped for my trip to Mirbeau by reading Neha’s visit recap, as well as Allie’s post!

Does this remind anyone else of the "Blank Space" music video? Nice to meet you, where you been...

Does this remind anyone else of the “Blank Space” music video? Nice to meet you, where you been…

My parents live in Cape Cod now (I stayed over with them), so the Plymouth location was just over the bridge for us. It is also an easy drive from Boston. In terms of choosing treatments, I opted for a facial, while my mom went with a massage. Honestly, this was the best facial I have ever had. Every other facial I have ever had has physically hurt during the extracting portion, but this one was great! I think I got over my facial phobia!

Front door

In addition to a facial, my mom and I used the gym facilities (even though I am still crutchin’ it, I can use the stationary bike), the outdoor whirlpool, and the eucalyptus steam room. The smell in the steam room was AMAZE. We lucked out with the weather; it was a beautiful spring weekend. We enjoyed sitting in the sun’s rays in the outdoor whirlpool.


There was also a large “relaxation room” with low lighting, lounge chairs, magazines and a foot bath. I wish I could have brought my camera in for a snapshot! As I sat there reading my book, I was completely relaxed. It was basically like sitting on a relaxing beach, minus the beach. I felt like I was on vacation.

Mirbeau side

I agree with Neha, I would too love to return in the summer, when the garden is in full bloom. I would also love to stay over in the actual Inn and experience Chef Stephen Coe’s culinary creations.

I absolutely loved the decor of Mirbeau. The word ‘Mirbeau,’  “loosely translated as ‘reflected beauty,’ is inspired in part by the soft light, warm colors and introspective character found in the paintings of renowned French Impressionist Claude Monet.” Both Mirbeau locations are supposed to replicate the French countryside.

Mirbeau bridge

What are your favorite New England get-a-ways?

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  • Alexa Johnson May 13, 2016 at 10:55

    wow this is gorgeous! I might have to make a trip down here when the weather is nice


    • cstuka May 19, 2016 at 10:55

      Thanks for stopping by, Alexa!

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