May 28, 2020

Life Update: May 2020

You guys, it has been NINE months since I last posted. That is INSANE! Sometimes life just gets so busy; I think that we can all relate.

A lot has happened in the last nine months. I think the biggest news is that I got engaged in December, right before Christmas. Luckily, I decided to get my nails done that morning (something that I never do). I loved that I was able to get my ring from Brilliant Earth, which is a jeweler that sells conflict-free diamonds. So, it was a very Merry Christmas this year. We originally planned for a November wedding this year, but we decided to postpone it a year, due to the current quarantine situation.

Fast forward to March. I normally live in Boston but decided to quarantine with my parents in Cape Cod. I am able to spend time with my dog (who is sadly getting older and older, despite her looking like a little puppy) and parents, save money, and my mom has provided some nutritious cooking! I try to take walks and go on the bike. This has resulted in healthy changes for me (more about that later).

There have been challenges, of course, but I’m very thankful for my health and that of my family and friends. Hopefully, we can all get back to normal in a timely fashion, and it has been wonderful seeing the outpouring of support for those in need during this time.

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