February 12, 2017

My Favorite Ladies in Love

Having been single for most of my twenties (and my life), I have consulted many different sources for advice in romance/relationships; mainly authors of different books and websites/blogs (because Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t exist). Given Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (though I don’t necessarily think Valentine’s Day is about romance-where my Galentines at!?!), I thought it would be an appropriate time to share some of my favorite romance resources.

  1. The Lo Down, Lo Bosworth

Lo always seemed to be one of the more stable cast members on “The Hills.” In addition to being Lauren Conrad’s bestie and a lifestyle blogger, Lo Bosworth penned a book on relationships, appropriately called The Lo-Down, in which she gives her take on relationships. Lauren Conrad praised the book, “Take it from me, Lo’s insight into relationships feels like advice from a girlfriend.” I couldn’t agree more. I met Lo on her book tour, and she was as down-to-earth as she seems on-screen.


2. The Single Woman, Mandy Hale

One of my first blog posts was about Mandy Hale. I am not sure how I first came across her, but it was when I definitely needed some empowerment, and that is what Mandy is all about. The Single Woman is the title of her premiere book (she has two others and an e-book), but she also has a website, trademark and an entire movement. The Single Woman is based in Christian roots, but it is not at all overbearing.  I love how Mandy is so eager to share her painful past, but has been able to pick herself up, and transform herself into a total #GirlBoss.

3. Write Your Own Fairy Tale, Siggy Flicker

I am a huge Real Housewives fan, and sassy Siggy was easily my favorite cast member this past season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I also loved her tag line; “When people tell me I’m too much, I tell them they’re absolutely right!” I am currently reading her book, Write Your Own Fairy TaleSiggy’s enthusiasm and positivity comes through in her prose. Siggy shares wisdom from her own life (and we have totally made similar mistakes in love), while sharing lessons from her clients’ stories. Coming from humble beginnings, Siggy has always had a knack for relationships and has built it into a career. I am hoping she comes back to RHONJ next season!

4. Samantha Burns

This lady has been the talk of Boston! As a follower of her Instagram, I always find myself laughing at and connecting with her posts (and often tagging my besties). Another #GirlBoss, Samantha is an LMHC and dating coach with a private practice who has been featured on The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Brides, Women’s Health and more. Her website features tons of articles for ANY topic on love-whether you are single or in a relationship. Right now, she is featuring a free e-book for download on her website!

5. Jane Garapick

I came across Jane’s website, Getting to True Love  when I once felt so perplexed and devastated by someone else’s actions. I reached out to her, because I couldn’t stop obsessing and analyzing.  I had a phone session with Jane, and of all the people who I shared my story with, she was the only person who seemed to have any answers. She obviously has a ton of experience herself and with coaching her clients. She loves to help and empower young women. She was so kind in my conversation with her. I would suggest anyone going through a tough time to take advantage of Jane’s resources-her articles, (remote) one-on-one coaching and various other programs.

Do you have any fave books, author or bloggers for relationship advice?

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