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January 31, 2023

Blog Series: Fearless Females-Amanda Driscoll

Hello everyone! I hope 2023 has been great thus far! For me, January has been a month of trying to get back into the swing of things, after a crazy December. As you may recall, I launched a Blog Series titled Fearless Females, featuring Christina Orso.

For the second installment I am thrilled to introduce my friend Amanda Driscoll. Amanda and I originally met through a mutual friend. She is a Personal Trainer and Confidence Coach here in Boston. A large part of Amanda’s platform is combating diet culture, which is so needed! She exudes positivity, and I am thrilled that she allowed me to interview her for this feature.

  1. Let’s start at the beginning; where did you grow up? Where did you go to school, and what did you study there? What were your career aspirations when you were young/in college? I was a “Navy Brat”, so I grew up hopping around a bit, but mostly in southeastern Connecticut. We got to live just south of Seattle for my sophomore and junior year of high school which was incredible! I went to the University of New Hampshire, where I got a degree in Communications & Business, with a minor in writing. I actually started school as a journalism major and really wanted to get into media in some way.
  2. What did you do professionally right out of college? My first job out of college was at a medical staffing firm – I recruited for temp doctor and nursing positions. I’m not going to lie, I hated it a lot. I have so much respect for anyone in staffing and sales who stick with it until it gets good because the endless cold calling in the beginning was just torture. Mostly I think I felt that way because it was so far from what I wanted to be doing, but it was a job that got me to Boston, which is where I really wanted to be! Shortly thereafter I landed a role on the marketing team at Boston Magazine, which was the coolest, most unique job I’ve ever had.
  3. What was your “aha” moment getting into the fitness/health/lifestyle sphere? I just loved the energy- to put it simply! I had always been active- I was a cheerleader growing up, and I enjoyed running and lifting in college. But I found so much connection and community in the fitness world when I moved to Boston, and I just wanted to be surrounded by that all of the time. I loved the connection to so many people.
  4. I think what really differentiates you from other people in the fitness space is your approach to anti-diet culture; can you talk a little about how you decided to incorporate that into your approach? It’s pretty simple – fitness is for EVERYONE. A lot of people sadly have bad connections to fitness- like their bodies are a problem that need to be solved. I struggled with really crippling body image issues, and I wanted to spread the energy that everyone deserves to feel good in movement & have access to it. The deeper I got into the fitness world, the more I realized how much negativity and toxicity there was. It really opened my eyes to how much that affected me growing up. It has also been really healing for me to face all of that.
  5. I know that you have touched on this a little in your podcast, but for those who haven’t listened, what was your relationship with food/fitness like as a young girl, teen and in your college years?Complicated. I was always really small, don’t get me wrong, but so many people made comments all the time. I didn’t have a great sense of self so because of that and the diet culture of the early 2000s, I put all my value into my size. I didn’t really see what else I brought to the table, so I became really obsessed with exercise and “healthy” eating.
  6. How did you get the idea for your podcast? I started opening up about my own body image journey on Instagram, and every time I did, people just seemed to relate so deeply. It made me realize how much we deal with silently as women. I wanted women to know they’re not alone in the struggles they face – whether it’s something silly like facial hair or deeper like body image issues.
  7. What does a typical day look like for you right now? I’m pretty boring! I’m a personal trainer at Life Time Fitness, so most days I’m there training clients and teaching classes 6am to 3pm. I’ll squeeze a workout into my shift, but when I’m out I decompress with a walk with the pup. I’ll catch up on whatever I need to – podcast things, my body image coaching group, or any continuing education I’m doing. Then it’s just cooking dinner, watching Netflix with my husband, and reading in bed.
  8. I know that you have talked about some current changes that are in the works. Can you share any sneak peaks with us? I mostly just want to lean in more deeply into the meaning that I described above – connecting women & helping everyone feel seen! But a new name, cover art, etc are coming! I just need to sit down and do it, haha!
  9. What advice would you give your younger self? Get to know yourself! Stop looking for value in your body size or attention that guys give you. You’ll find it by spending time alone!
  10. What advice do you you have for young women trying to get into the fitness industry? Spend time exploring different pockets of it, and find your people! Then just soak in as much education you can. Learn from other instructors/trainers – what things you like or don’t like that they do. Then through that create your OWN style. Be you!
  11. Finally, this may seem a little out of left field, but since we are in the month of January, I have to ask: what is your approach to New Year’s resolutions? You don’t have to change your whole life!!!!! If you are going to set one, start SMALL to create sustainable habits. And really ask yourself why you want to set that resolution. What will it bring it your life? Personally, I like to make a vision board and set some intentions for the year!

Thank you so much to Amanda for taking the time to speak with me! Follow her on Instagram (@amanda_driscoll) for fitness inspiration and ideas, as well as all things anti-diet culture!

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