June 12, 2017

Top Three: My Summer 2017 Bucket List

After a long period of rain, Boston is finally experiencing a bit of a HEAT WAVE!!! Be careful what you wish for, right?!? Summer is FINALLY here! I try to do a Top Three series every month, BUT due to my recent absence from blogging, I decided to do one for Summer 2017! Read on for my Top Three Summer 2017 bucket list items.

1. Day Trips: There are so many awesome places to check out throughout New England! Scrolling through Instagram, I am always wanderlusting over other bloggers’ travel pics. Two of my fav bloggers to follow for New England travel are The Lilac Press and Shell Chic’d (her blog features a FAB New England Travel Guide)! Some of the places on my list? The Berkshires; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Providence, Rhode Island; Newport, Rhode Island and Portland, Maine. Of course, trips down to the Cape are a most as well. I am excited to share with you where I find the best lobster roll this summer!

2. Reading: Almost like a good work out, I often feel proud of myself after finishing a book. I can have a tough time relaxing, slowing down and staying focused. Basically, it is very hard for me to get sucked into a good read. I have a summer reading list that I will be sharing soon. But one of the items on it is  Big Little Lies, which I was intrigued to read after the HBO series launched (and I LOVE Reese Witherspoon).

3. Get organized: I know this sounds silly, right?!? The reason that I am putting this on my list is that my mood improves SO MUCH with the sunshine; it is so much easier for me to get things done! Give me a grande iced coffee and I am ready to take on the day! I feel like since this weather warmed up just recently, that I have gotten my room more organized than I did over the entire winter. In addition to organizing my physical space, I would like to get more organized financially; updating that Excel spreadsheet that I made in the fall. Do you have any tips for getting and staying organized? Recently I have learned to break tasks down into steps when it comes to organizing.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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