May 28, 2018

Top Three: Summer 2018

Top Three Summer

I haven’t done the Top Three series in a while! Given the Memorial Day Weekend #MDW and the kickoff of summer, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to pick it back up! I am cheating a little bit by doing it for the entire summer, but it seems a little silly to do it for each month, as the summer really melds together! So MDW to Labor Day, here are the Top Three items that I am looking forward to!

  1. Summer Weddings: This is probably what I am most excited about this summer! I have two weddings to go to this summer, and one in the early fall. Locations? Clayton, NY (on the St. Lawrence River); Portsmouth (near Newport), RI and Martha’s Vineyard. I have never been to the Thousand Islands and haven’t been to Portsmouth/Newport, RI or Martha’s Vineyard in years!
  2. Travel: This is a bit in conjunction with #1, but I am hoping to do some local travel this summer! My parents live in the Cape, so that is always a given. But also, I look forward to my college reunion this weekend, and later bringing up bae to show him around Saratoga Springs (where I went to college) on our way to the wedding in Clayton, NY. I would also love to make it to ACK this summer and look forward to some lake time at Lake Winnipesaukee (where bae is from).
  3. Apartment Search: As much as it is a pain, I am looking forward to FINDING a new apartment. I have been at my current one for two years and recently made a BIG decision to move in with bae. Currently, we are on the hunt! Once we do settle and find a place, I plan to decorate it more than I ever have with any other apartment and make it a home (seriously, I have had framed pictures sitting in my current apartment that I just never put up)!

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