June 3, 2016

Top Three: June 2016

After a month off, I am back with the Top Three series! I am particularly excited to post this month, because, um….SUMMER!! I am automatically in a better mood when the sun shines. It really makes a world of difference!

Throughout the post, are some snaps of my parents’ place in Cape Cod (in honor of the summer season)-Enjoy!


  1. Summer concerts: I was so bummed out that I wasn’t able to go to Boston Calling this past weekend. It seemed that every time I went on Instagram, there were friends/bloggers documenting the festivities. Fingers crossed, I will be cleared off crutches very soon. The older I have gotten, I have learned that joy and memories doesn’t usually come from the material things in life (though a Chanel bag is on my bucket list). I am trying to live more in the moment. I plan on taking advantage of the nice weather, great music and friends.

What could be more Cape Cod than a cranberry bog in your backyard?!

2.Cape Getaways (even if they are short and sweet): As previously mentioned; my parents now have a place in Cape Cod. Truthfully, I am not the BIGGEST beach person (I KNOW I KNOW); I think I have trouble sitting still, unless I am sleeping. Whenever I mention my parents’ house to friends, they are surprised, because I don’t go down every weekend, like many people in my position would do so. However, I am vowing to invite more friends down to the Cape this summer. The beach is always an option (plus, is a nice solid tan the worst thing in the world?), and there are also plenty of other fun activities! Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are just a ferry ride away!


3. Summer fashion: My summer wardrobe is noticeably larger than my winter one. I can’t seem to stop myself from shopping for fun tops and summery dresses, even though I KNOW that I have enough to never have to repeat an outfit (CAN YOU IMAGINE!?!). Summer clothing always offers fun patterns and pretty colors. The season really makes me get excited about style again! Not to mention, Chatham, where my parents live, has excellent shopping! This past weekend, my mom and I visited Resort, where I picked up a few goodies!


New England decor

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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