February 1, 2017

Top Three: February 2017

Other than December, February may be my favorite month. It’s a shorter month-good for those of us who detest the cold New England winters. Also, it was full of family birthdays growing up. Read on to see what I am looking forward to most this month:

  1. Birthdays: As I said, this is a month full of birthdays for my family. Mine is February 3, and I was lucky enough to share it with my grandfather growing up. My grandfather and I would get together every year to share a cake and blow out candles together. Truth be told, I wish I was not entering my late twenties this year, but it is still a reason to celebrate. Also, my dad’s birthday is the 16. Birthdays always keep things exciting, and are a great opportunity to show your friends and family how much they are loved. I love to pick out unique cards for people from places like Paper Source and etsy.
  2. Valentine’s Day: Don’t get me wrong; there are some years when I have HATED Valentine’s Day. But, I have realized that Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily about having a S.O., though that’s cool, too. My parents always gave my sister and me Valentine’s Day cards and little presents growing up-just little ways to remind us that we are loved. Last year, I had a Galentine’s Day party, which was a blast! I hope to get together with some of my Galentines again this year!
  3. February Content: December is a great month for blog content, but with everyone’s busy holiday schedules, it is hard to pack it all in! I have some great content that I plan to post this month, and I hope you enjoy it! To kick it off, I just had a fun shoot with Stephanie Rita!

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  • Molly O'Connor February 3, 2017 at 10:55

    Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like such a fun and exciting month for you, hope it is amazing!!


    • Cara February 3, 2017 at 10:55

      Thanks so much, lady! Just checked out your blog!

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