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June 28, 2018

Out with the Old, In with the New

We may be well into summer, but recently I did some spring cleaning. As I am moving in September, I am trying to declutter as much as possible. To be honest, I still hadn’t given my closet a good clean-out since college. Part of the reason is that I was dreading trying things on, in case they didn’t fit anymore. I just kept putting the process off.

I knew my friend Gigi of Fashology did wardrobe consulting and styling. After seeing a recent presentation of hers at Sloane & Ivy on dressing for your body type, I decided Gigi would be a great person to support me and help me edit out my wardrobe.

Gigi of Fashology

Gigi of Fashology

Gigi came over and we started off by going off what I thought my wardrobe was missing. We would later confirm my wardrobe deficients by going through every piece in my closet. We started off by going through my jeans. There were some no-longer trendy jeans that I had honestly forgotten all about (remember those leopard Current/Elliot jeans that everyone had a few years back?). While going through my jeans, Gigi gave me the courage to throw away some jeans that technically fit but I just don’t feel comfortable in anymore. Gigi made the point to me throughout our consultation not to “wear or purchase anything that doesn’t make you feel amazing. If you don’t feel comfortable, it’ll show. You should wear things that make you feel beautiful & confident because you are.” How sweet is she!?!?

In the end, I donated 5 bags of items! In addition to the jeans, I also threw away a lot of “going out” tops from college that really just don’t fit my lifestyle anymore. I would definitely recommend Gigi’s services and if you haven’t already, donate to her iFundWomen campaign!

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