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January 3, 2016

Holiday 2015 Roundup

Nautical wreath

I just uploaded all of my pics from the Holidays. It’s funny, I’m normally not a big photographer. A picture is a memory, but I am also working on being more mindful and living in the moment. Sometimes people are so persistent on getting the perfect picture, that they forget this.

I decided to select my favorite memories of the Holidays and share them through these photographs.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving this year was held at my parents’ house in Cape Cod. It was the first year without my grandparents, which was a little sad. We said the same grace my grandfather would say every year. We were thankful that they lived long lives (into their mid-nineties!)


Given that I was on medical leave over Thanksgiving and have become an avid blog reader, I wanted to make a centerpiece for our dinner table. I searched the internet for realistic options and came across this one from Laurenconrad.com. I liked the lighter colors used (so often I mistake Thanksgiving decor for Christmas decor, given the proximity in dates), the use of layers and it seemed completely manageable. The only challenge was finding pumpkins so late in season. It came out pretty well, though not as beautiful as Ms. Conrad’s centerpiece.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Christmas: Christmas this year was definitely very different than years before. In May, my parents sold my childhood home in the suburbs and made their Cape Cod vacation home their fulltime home. Because of the distance, I was not able to decorate the tree with them like I normally do. My sister got married in August, so didn’t spend Christmas Eve/morning with us this year. It was definitely a different vibe Christmas morning, with me being the only “kid” there. My sister/brother-in-law joined us in the afternoon, where my aunts, uncles, cousin and parents and I all ate dinner together. The next day we all went to Star Wars together-in 3D! I have seen all the movies long ago, but a co-worker of mine was nice enough to give me a synopsis before viewing. It was definitely helpful knowing the backstory, but the movie is enough of an adventure for anyone to enjoy.

New Years’ Eve: I am pretty indifferent about NYE, to be honest. Like JLaw, I have spent a few New Year Eves “disappointed.” After my PAO surgery in October, everything in life has been extra challenging. NYE Day I had a post-operation check-up, and was disappointed to find out my recovery isn’t moving quite along as hoped. I had plans to go to a friend’s party, but after receiving this news, I laid low all weekend.


Looking forward: 2016! I am into goal setting (and need to do more of it), but not so much New Year’s Resolutions. Sounds contradictory, right? I just feel like SO MUCH can happen in a year, that I prefer to break down my goals into smaller time frames. Regardless, here are my hopes and wishes for 2016.

-First of all, I am praying the weather is not as bad as last year’s never-ending blizzard. One, it is depressing, and two, shoveling on crutches sounds quite treacherous.

-I am hopeful that my hip will heal correctly. I know I need to make some changes for this to happen, though, and that is in my hands. I have never been able to run, due to my hip issue. I have always wanted to run a marathon. Turns out, I may never be able to, even once my hip heals. As much as this upsets me, I would at least love to be able to “go on a run” or complete a 5K.

-I volunteer intermittently with church, but I would like to find a consistent volunteer opportunity, in which I can learn new skills and feel good about.

-I hope for the health and happiness of my friends and family (as cliche as that sounds).

-I hope to continue on my journey with Busy as a Bee and connect with other bloggers and readers!

Overall, I am asking for:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.10.14 PM

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