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July 22, 2016

Best Dressed Charlestown

I have noticed many Boston bloggers tagging Best Dressed Charlestown on Instagram. Rent the Runway has always intrigued me, but after working years in retail sales, I know the fit on the hanger can be completely different than the fit on the customer. In fact, as Best Dressed recently shared on their Instagram, 59% of women would rather shop in-store, rather than on-line.

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The premise of the operation began with a friend of Nikoleta’s and Vicky’s, who found herself waiting on a last-minute rental from Rent the Runway for a wedding. She received the dress just in time, but she wasn’t happy with the fit. That is where Nikoleta and Vicky and saw an opportunity and Best Dressed Charlestown was born.

Best Dressed Charlestown white

What if instead or spending the money purchasing a dress for an event (which many of us only wear once), or risking a deceptive/disastrous online purchase (we have all been there!), they were to set up a physical storefront, allowing women to try on dresses before renting them? Better yet, no need for the customer to worry about dry cleaning!

When I inquired about renting dresses from Best Dressed Charlestown, I immediately received an email back from Vicky, saying they would be happy to work with me. The store is located in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It is a 15 minute walk from the North End. I had no problem finding street parking, either.


As soon as I arrived, Vicky showed me how the merchandise was organized. Dresses for rent are organized by size, and there is also a rack of dresses for sale. The boutique displays beautiful jewelry, most of which is for sale, but some jewelry can be rented as well. I myself picked up a couple of pieces. The store itself is so nicely decorated! Vicky told me that her sister and her wanted to created a space that felt like a friend’s closet. I totally got that vibe, and envy anyone with a closet like that!

earrings shot

In the end, I went with a lace theme. I purposively picked out three lace dresses, but all with different vibes. I get a very feminine feel from the blue one, a more sophisticated and structured feel from the orange (I would normally not gravitate towards orange and am glad I gave it a try!), and a playful sensation from the white/neon Betsey Johnson number (love that back!)

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Having worked in retail, customer service is always super important to me. Vicky could not have been more helpful, and I am absolutely going to recommend Best Dressed Charlestown to all my friends, or any fellow female in need of a dress! Dresses at Best Dressed Charlestown are available to rent for 5 days at a time. 

Also, if you are looking for a good Girl’s Night Out idea, the store hosts private parties with refreshments and discounts!

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Thank you for all of your help, Best Dressed Charlestown! And thank you for the beautiful photos, Stephanie Rita Photography!

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